Route: Glyder Section

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Elidir Fawr

  • Follow the A4086 road into Nant Peris.
  • In Nant Peris, turn right along the road by the chapel and follow it around to the left.
  • You will come to a gate in the road (often open) next to a stile and some footpath signs. Continue along the road.
  • About a hundred metres later there is a small gate on the right next to some more footpath signs. Go through this gate.
bridge to Elidir Fawr
  • Carry on ascending for a while. When you come to a small bridge on your left, cross this. (Update: This bridge has now been renovated.)
Elidir Fawr
  • Follow the path (unmarked on map) to the summit. It’s a long way!
  • To descend follow the ridge heading ENE.
  • Take the path which curves right towards Y Garn.

Y Garn

Foel Goch
  • Take the path around the right hand side of Foel-goch (It is not over 3000ft). However, in mist make sure you don't take a nearby path which leads back down to the valley.

Glyder Fawr

  • Descend Y Garn and pass to the left of the lake Llyn y Cwn.
  • Shortly after the lake turn right off the main path onto a track that leads up to the summit of Glyder Fawr.
  • There are different tracks you can follow when you get near to the summit. Keeping to the right is probably best.
  • There are two mounds at the top. The true summit is the one on the left.
  • The descent towards Glyder Fach is cairned. It is fairly apparent in good weather, but not always easy to follow in mist.

Glyder Fach

This is a very rocky section. It’s easy to lose the path and it is very easy to lose time here.

  • The fastest way is to go around the right of the prominent rocky area you first come to on the ascent (Castell y Gwynt). Turn left back onto the highest point after this.
    However, some people will now prefer to include Castell y Gwynt - in 2007 a new survey showed it to be a separate Welsh 3000s peak under the (controversial) Nuttall classification system. It is not a Hewitt.
  • You have to climb a mound of large rocks to get to the top of Glyder Fach. Avoid ascending these from the left. It is quite a dangerous area, especially when wet.
  • The pile of rocks with the famous Cantilever (a large stone which appears to be precariously balanced) on top are not part of the summit.
  • Descend towards Tryfan down scree to the right of the very rocky Bristley Ridge (B.R.). The track is seen clearly the photo.


  • This is very rocky, involves some scrambling, and can be dangerous. You can make life easier for yourself by keeping as far left as possible on the ascent. The summit has two large rocks on top, known as Adam and Eve.
  • Once you’ve reached the top, carry on for a short distance in the same direction, but then turn left down a path at the col between the main summit and the North Peak (My route avoids the very rocky North Ridge of Tryfan).
  • Follow the path all the way down to the A5 road, then turn right along the road.
    (This is a good path, but is fairly steep. For those completing the route in reverse, "Heather Terrace" is probably a more suitable option.)
  • If you have a support team they should meet you at a car park near a small wooded area on the map called “Glan Dena”(SH 668 606).